Intimate drama in development with Librecine & 198 Films

Based on the novel by the New York Times Best Selling Magda Szabó, author of ‘The Door’.

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Fantasy adventure film in development with Librecine & 198 Films

Based on the novel by Magda Szabó.

Supported by Creative Europe



Original LGBTQ+ horror project reimagining early vampire myths to explore our primal fear of death and disease.

Hiding from an impossible terror in an abandoned farmhouse, introverted teen Joe struggles to save his older brother Rhys from a terrible sickness. When Rhys stops eating, Joe must go out into the world to find something that might sate his brother’s awful hunger or face losing the only family he has left.

On his search, Joe discovers a family holiday park nestled in the woods and befriends a precocious young couple. With them he tastes a life he thought he could never have. Joe’s joyous self-discovery and sexual awakening takes him away from his heavy responsibilities with Rhys, but when his two worlds clash, he pays the price in blood.

As Rhys becomes the same terror they had fled from, Joe’s darkest fear comes true: his brother’s life is in his trembling hands.


Original drama screenplay on spec.

Quarterfinalist in Screenwriting Goldmine and Bluecat Screenplay competitions. Selected for an IdeasTap BBC Writersroom Screenwriting Masterclass